Looking for DIY and home improvement recommendations? I’ve created a list of the best DIY and home improvement resources to help with your projects.

YouTube Channels

I find videos a great way to learn new DIY skills. Check out these channels that I recommended in my 10 DIY YouTube channels you can spend hours on post.

Essential Craftsman

Scott and Nate Wadsworth run Essential Craftsmen – a Youtube channel with tons of videos covering everything from the basics of using a circular saw to how to build a spec house. You should check out their website as well –

Click here for the Youtube channel

Modern Builds

Mike from Modern Builds focuses on showing you clean, modern furniture plans that anyone can build. The end result is furniture that looks modern but its also functional 🙂

Click here for the Youtube channel

Ask the builder

Tim Carter has been building houses for 30 years and it shows in his videos. He’s a master carpenter, master plumber, master roof cutter and he uses all his skills in his videos.

Click here for the Youtube channel

Home Repair Tutor

Home Repair Tutor shows you how to make common repairs to your house or apartment and do it right the first time 🙂 They also have a website with a ton of information and a podcast.

Click here for the Youtube channel

House Improvements

House Improvements creates videos dedicated to the common (and not so common) DIY tasks that home owners face. Their videos cover kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, electrical and more. And their website has a lot of great tutorials.

Click here for the Youtube channel

Lowes Home Improvement

Lowe’s youtube channel has over 800 videos that cover just about every topic you can think of.

Click here for the Youtube channel

Home Improvement How To’s

If you need to learn about painting, (I know I do…) check out the Home Improvement How To channel from the Idaho Painters. Their videos cover just about everything could ever want to know about choosing the right paint and how to get the best results.

Click here for the Youtube channel

Makita Power Tools

It’s no secret that I love Makita tools 🙂 So for someone like me, the Makita Power Tools channel is awesome. And even if you don’t share my enthusiasm for Makita, you’ll still learn a lot from watching their videos.

Click here for the Youtube channel

Sparky Channel

The Sparky Channel may not have the marketing glitz of other channels in this list. But that’s more than made up for by the sheer amount of knowledge you get from watching the videos 🙂 Definitely a diamond in the rough.

Click here for the Youtube channel

Mr Youcandoityourself

If you’ve got questions about floors, laminate, tile or anything else you walk on, Mr Youcandoityourself has the answers.

Click here for the Youtube channel

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