Need to brush up on your table saw knowledge?

Check out the videos below to learn what you can use them for, how to use them and how you can upgrade them. (If you’re looking for a new table saw, read our review of the best table saws.

7 Things To Get You Started Using A Table Saw

You gotta start somewhere. And this video is a great starting point for learning about using a table saw.

5 Table Saw tips for Beginners

5 great tips for getting the most out of your table saw (even if you’re a pro).

Table Saw Buying Advice

Need help buying a table saw? Check out this video (and our buyers guide).

Compact Portable Table Saws – A New Breed!

Compact table saws are a relatively new invention. Check out this video to learn more about them and why you’d want one.

How to Cut Dovetails on a Tablesaw

Using a tool to its full potential is one of the great feelings in life (well to me it is!). If you’ve struggled with dovetails (or don’t know what one is), this video is for you.

Table Saw ‘Table’ Build

Jimbo (the maker of this video) specializes in getting the most out of each tool and this video is no different. Watch it and learn how to build a professional grade cutting station for your table saw.

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