About WLPT

Welcome. I’m Nathan – a long time DIYer, power tool fan and founder of We Love Power Tools (WLPT). WLPT is a website that’s built around my love of power tools and for helping people find the perfect tool for them.


What do you do?

I love to help people find the perfect power tool for them, whether that’s a budget tool for a one-off job or a contractor-grade tool that will last a lifetime.

I do that by researching all the choices in exhausting detail (like seriously! On average, I research 30-40 tools before making any recommendations). Then we explain what you should look for in a tool, in an easy-to-understand way that helps you make the right choice. Then I suggest between four and six of the best tools for you based on your budget and experience level.


How do we get paid?

If you buy the tool, we get a small commission (that’s how we keep the lights on at WLPT). The commission comes out of the sellers profits – so you don’t pay anything extra.

But.. we only ever recommend tools that we completely believe in and would buy ourselves (in fact, I own some of the tools that I recommend).

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