Need to brush up on your miter saw knowledge?

Check out the 10 videos below to learn what you can use them for, how to deal with dust, the best blades for miter saws and how you can upgrade them.

Miter Saw Basics

Learn about the four basic cuts that a miter saw can make.

7 Next-Level Tips for Miter Saws

Once you’ve learnt the basics of how to use a miter saw, check out these advanced tips.

Miter Saw Overview – How to Choose or Compare

What to look for when choosing a miter saw. Check out our review of the best miter saws for DIY for more info.

10 Inch Miter Saw Comparison

Miter saws with a 10″ blade are the most popular kind you can buy. Watch this review of the most popular 10″ models on the market.

How To: Make a Miter Saw Dust Collector

Miter saws can produce a lot of dust 🙁 This video teaches you how to build a dust collector to traap it 🙂

Selecting a Blade for a Sliding Miter Saw

There’s a bunch of different blades that you can buy for a miter saw. This video teaches you how to pick the right one (and don’t worry about the title say its for sliding miter saws – the advice applies to miter saws that don’t slide as well).

8 Premium Table Saw Blades- Which Ones Provide the Best Bang For Your Buck?

Looking for a premium miter saw blade? This video will teach which ones will rock your world.

Essential Miter Saw Upgrades & Additions

Even the best miter saw in the world can be improved – watch this to find out how.

DIY Miter Saw Stand

Don’t wanna buy a miter saw stand? Learn how to make one 🙂

Miter Saw & Table Saw Accuracy Check

Owning a miter saw that doesn’t make accurate cuts sucks 🙁 Watch this video and make sure you don’t suffer from that problem 🙂

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